Pop Top

This Pop Top has been given the full treatment to turn it into a mobile showroom and office for a fun and funky alternative energy company.

The interior has to pack down for travel, then have office mode and showroom/event mode, with a good dash of camping cool to keep it fun.

The desk top does all the transforming: clamping to the cupboard fronts when on the road, then roll up the canvas wall and clamp the desk top over the side to become a bar or counter to serve from, returning to the office stack it on top of the banks of storage cupboards to return it to a workstation.

We’ve added a small meeting area in the spirit of the original dining set up and replaced the old canvas walls with a new spunky stripe in the clients colours. A shade awning with see through logo casts a great shadow when out in the field.

This little gem is going to look so inviting popped up! It is going to attract people like moths to a camp light – not sure how Katherine is going to get any work done?