KW Caravan

Using the shell of a 12ft 1967 Liliputt the caravan has been redesigned to create a more spatious and versitile space with great indoor/outdoor flow. It’s light blue dimpled skin turns heads wherever it goes.

Completed in 2002 the KW Caravan toured North Island Galleries and Museums as a mobile design exhibition and has featured in numerous books. It is still holidaying today up and down the East Coast of New Zealand with it’s familiy of four.      

Clever storage and furniture systems installed on the walls and floor, allow you to create space and change the room as you desire. The single door has been replaced with two generous doors on the same wall to open up to the great outdoors.

Cantilevered bench and table modules store away flat or offer a range of different configurations to extend dining or kitchen room. Outdoor furniture gets stored on the floor as a giant red jigsaw to be assembled when needed.


The space is yours to arrange and enjoy as you like.