It all started back in 2002 when Katy redesigned and renovated a 1966 Liliputt caravan with the help of friend Paulus McKinnon. As a furniture designer the caravan provided the ultimate vehicle to explore how furniture could reinvent a small space.

The result was the KW Caravan which stole the hearts of all those that met her and introduced an innovative and new way to make a flexible and transformable caravan space that opened out to the landscape.

The little caravan toured and exhibited itself around North Island Museums and Art Galleries and featured on television, in newspapers and magazines, and several substantial publications including Beach Life, Vantastic, and Idea.

From then on Katy Wallace was known as the caravan lady and Katy and Paulus became a couple. More years of furniture designing, study, university lecturing, building, and starting a family led the team to move to Gisborne, first place to see the sun and an amazing place to raise a family.

In 2017 Katy was awarded one of the highest accolades in her field, the Creative New Zealand Craft/Object Fellowship Award. This allowed her to embark on another mobile small space project which has become the Caravannex.

On tour from October 2020, the Caravannex has been designed from the ground up and explores new ideas in the caravan field.

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